Corporate Events

Celebrate your staff!   Our authentic western experience is customized just for you and your staff and promises not to disappoint! Your organization will be fully engaged from start to finish as the day is customized around your needs.  Interactive games and activities, live entertainment and a boot-stompin’ cookout barbecue will create a memorable opportunity to thank those who work hard on your behalf all year long or simply rent the space and bring in your own fun and entertainment.  At Rounds Ranch, this ain’t our first rodeo …. we know how to bring people together for a great day of fun!


Looking to challenge your staff or to have a fun and interactive picnic?!  Corporate events/picnics at the Ranch can be customized for you. An “A-MAZE-ing Race- Ranch Edition” experience can take teams through a number of challenges to test their skills. Our professional horse show and participation in a square dance will create a unique experience for any group.  Include the entire line-up for the ultimate western experience, or custom-selected activities to suit your group’s preferences….we cater to please!


Groups are divided into teams for this hilarious and high energy event!  We encourage fun and creativity to come up with group names, the crazier the better! The A-MAZE-ing Race allows for a positive team building experience offering unique challenges that unleash your inner Cowboy.  Impress your peers with your “Goat Milking and Sheep Herding” skills, show  your boss who’s boss as you “Lasso the Horse” and create memories through endless laughter as you “Rock and Roll” down the hill.

Other activities may include: Bale Rolling, Walk the Plank, Chicken Counting, Digging for Gold, Corn Maze Challenge, Frisbee Fit, Farm Hand Challenge, Horse Shoes, Water Bucket Relay and Mist Maze Find.

goat herding


With three different team building activities, Rounds Ranch will improve your team's communication skills, teamwork abilities, and trust in each other.

Bridge building - work in teams to build a bridge across to the other side

Minefield - help your blindfolded teammate collect puzzle pieces without touching the 'mines' (plastic balls)

Rope Maze - a blindfolded group must trust their leader to get them through the maze


Be thoroughly entertained while enjoying a professional 1 hour horse show in a beautiful on-site arena. The show is hosted by “El Rancho Equestrian“, a world class training facility and is a crowd pleaser by all.



Ready to dig in!

Enjoy a delicious country meal in our Western Pavilion with your own caterer!  Or, rent our industrial barbecue to feed your group their favourite dishes!

We recommend Valley Farm Market for your catering needs, but you're welcome to bring in a caterer, or do it yourself.



Our staff will award your group with certificates after the race.  Take a look:

Cow Patty Award: awarded for putting up with everyone’s crap

Rodeo Champ Award: awarded to best all around player

Blazing Boots Award: awarded for the fastest boots in the west

Bull Rider Award: awarded for hanging in there

Rear End Award: awarded for working your but off, but still coming in last

Shootin' Spurs Award: awarded for aiming to win but falling short

Boot-Licker Award: awarded for trying to win by being a brown noser

Brave Bellyachers Award:  awarded for pushing through all obstacles without complaint...NOT

Hollerin Hillbillies Award: awarded for hecklin' & cheering the loudest

Lone Star Award:  awarded for being either so far ahead or behind that you were racing all alone

Shining Spurs Award: awarded for being the biggest show offs

Running with the Bulls Award: awarded to the biggest risk takers



Limber up for a one-of-a-kind hoedown! You’ll learn some new moves and have fun along the way during the Old Time Square Dance.



Rounds Ranch for the Win!

Each year we plan a team social.  We narrow down ideas, take a vote and the winning vote is what we do. This year Rounds Ranch won, however I'd say we all won. We had a variety of ages and genders in our staff. Although the weather tried to stop us with threats of a thunderstorm and heavy winds, we only had to persevere through rain and sunshine. That is what made the event that much more interesting!

The way the race was designed was perfect. It really promoted team morale, positive encouragement and overall fun. It tested many different skills which allowed anyone of any fitness or brilliance to participate. Wendy and her staff did a fantastic job of keeping everyone on track and most importantly ensuring fun! We hope to come back soon!