Meet Doug, the Rounds Ranch Handyman!

Over the years, we’ve had many of you ask how “how do you maintain the farm and equipment?” The short answer is “Many long days, hard work and team work”… but it’s much more than that. At Rounds Ranch, we have been blessed to have such a dedicated group of people that make the Ranch an amazing place phototo work (and play) for everyone!

Doug has been with Rounds Ranch from the very beginning. If you’ve visited the Ranch over the years, you may have seen him in the petting zoo feeding the animals, fixing our pedal carts, tractor and wagons, or building the new home for our bunnies!

Doug also made our new chicken feeders. Children were able to experience feeding the chickens and delight in them pecking at their food.  Thanks Doug!

One of Doug’s newest projects is remaking the beloved Bunny Ville! This spring our Bunnies will enjoy their brand new village with fully renovated homes and a bunny hotel! Make sure you come check it out during our big Easter Egg Hunt!

Whatever the project is, Doug is our go-to-guy! He takes pride in keeping Rounds Ranch the clean, safe and FUN environment that it is.

Next time you’re at the Ranch don’t forget to say Hi to Doug!

Ps: (He takes his coffee Double-Double!)


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