Roots of The Ranch!

School Trips at Rounds Ranch, where passion for education never stops growing!

Before Rounds Ranch grew into the adventure-packed farm experience it is today, owner’s Geri and Ken Rounds had a desire to educate the community on where food comes from. Both were raised on Ontario farms and learned early on the benefits getting food locally that many of today’s consumers are unaware of.

Years ago, children typically had a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle who knew about farming and taught them how their food was produced. As society has progressed, unfortunately a lot of that education has been lost. Our goal is to encourage this type of learning again through our School Tours.

Animal feeding

School Tours at Rounds Ranch are about fun, adventure, but above all else, learning! Geri and Ken both hold a degree in Agricultural Science and developed the school tours program around their extensive knowledge of farming, while following grade-level curriculum requirements.

Students are guided through an interactive exercise that teaches them about the different kinds of farms (dairy, beef, pigs, chicken, grain, and vegetables). They’ll be instructed to match up a variety of grocery items with the correct farm that they come from. This allows them to make a real-life farm to fridge connection.

During our “What came first, the chicken or the egg” lesson, students learn all about where eggs come from and get an up close look at our incubator. We encourage students to explore their curiosity and ask questions throughout the lesson. We’ll answer questions like “How long does it take for an egg to hatch?”, “Why are some eggs white and some are brown?” and “How many eggs do chickens lay in a year?”.

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Supporting local farmers is not only good for the growth of our community, but also our health. Canada has stringent laws on organic farming, Ontario in particular. Purchasing produce from a local Ontario source ensures you are receiving a better quality product than most imported goods that are not farmed under the same standards. We believe giving children the knowledge to make informed food choices is the beginning of healthier generations to come!

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