6 Reasons To Book A Field Trip to Rounds Ranch

Ontario Curriculum

  • Meets grade-specific requirements in Science & Technology, Health & Physical Education.
  • Teachers can take the opportunity to do individual formative assessment and student observation.

Educational & Fun

Local to Global Perspectives

  • Introduce students to the crucial role farming plays in our local community and in the world.
  • Deeper understanding of all that is involved in growing and harvesting crops, caring for animals, and bringing food to their tables.

Hands On

  • Working farm that offers a hands-on, experiential learning that meets curriculum-based objectives.
  • Students enjoy the opportunity to interact with plants and animals in their habitats and environments outside of the classroom.

Physical Education

  • Every field trip includes time for open-ended free play - an essential part of every child's day.
  • Students will engage in self-directed activities in Ranchland, making full use of our grounds.

Teachers Are FREE

We offer FREE admission for:

  • Teachers
  • EA's
  • DECE's
  • Special Needs Supervisors
  • One parent for each group of 5 children *we honour your school's ratio.

What an awesome experience my grade ones had here! Lots to do, see and learn about! Highly recommend this trip to other teachers.

Amy Burton